Tugboat in Port Jeff NY, it started to rain so the raindrops are part of the sketch….:not sure what that woolly covering is all about.  Sometimes when living on Long Island, you forget that it is an island we live on….like Roy Schieder quotes on Jaws

Hooper: Well, uh, it doesn’t make much sense for a guy who hates the water to live on an island….. 

Brody: It’s only an island if you look at it from the water.  

Last Sunday

This was sketched on what used to be a boarding school for wealthy kids, it’s now part of St John’s university.   I believe these steps were known as the Senior Steps.


Catching up on my posts 

I am a bit behind on my posts.  Last Saturday, John and I drove to Riverhead and checked out an indoor Farmers Market… Afterwards I sat and sketched this over by the water.  I just got around to scanning this sketch today.


As the weather begins to break…..

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The weather is still on the gloomy side….but at least it is warmer.  I went down by the water today and this tree is always an interesting “character.”  As you can see, this tree has adapted to living near a windy spot.  I was actually looking toward shore, I might try this tree again looking toward the water……when that house sized pile of snow behind it melts….