I started this today but I have holiday chores to do. This is still a draft. I started to add color and didn’t like it. I am going to stop working on it for now come back to it with fresh eyes another day.

Paper Lanterns

We went to Animal Kingdom last week. One of the streets in the back near Asia had colorful lanterns/flags and lights hanging over the ‘village.’ It looked so pretty that I knew I would have to work it into one of my posts. Disney can truly make magic out of something so simple.

And today’s stamp was supposed to be holiday lights but morphed into something more abstract.


Today’s prompt is ‘horse.” I trained Lucy to carry a wreath instead of her flowers. I also made an handmade ornament out of her that looks really cute on the tree.

And today’s carving….


Ellie dreams of being an Olympic figure skater. She practices every day and loves skating in the snow. The creek near her house freezes over in the winter and it is her favorite place to skate. She and her friends create a rink and a track on the frozen creek and they do pretend Olympic Winter Games all season long. Winter is fun where Ellie lives.

Today’s carved stamp is an abstract design and I carved it without a sketch. I drew in pencil right on the stamp.