Just hatched this morning, everything was new to Carmella. She looked down at her feet.

“Wow, what are those? Can I eat them?“

This is an Artist Trading Card sized art. ATCs are traded between artists and they have to be 2.5 x 3.5 in. I prepped a few ATC sized pieces because I can do those quicker than larger pieces. And I can also work on them from anywhere.

An ACEO (Art Cards, Edition and Collection is a ATC that an artist sells. I have seen ATCs/ACEOs that were framed very nicely. They are tiny art but they are also fun to collect.

Think of them as baseball cards for artists.

And now for something different…

It was a quiet day in the woods, until Raleigh and Lotus got lost.

Carla Sonheim has a book and classes called “Imaginary Creatures”. They’re excellent for finding ways to create creatures from your imagination, or even real ones with personalities you wouldn’t normally thought of on your own.

When artists play…

I was on a Zoom yesterday with an artists’ group that I belong to… We were invited to create something from a still life they posted. I allowed myself to think outside the box and this is what came from that still life.

I used an 8 1/2 x 11 sketchbook that I bought from Michael’s. Instead of sketching it out, I chose some random Tombow markers and started to draw with the Tombows. Usually this paper is a little fussy with the Tombows but it behaved nicely with the blender pen which was a pleasant surprise. I decided to use the checkered tile pattern as the background and I used colored pencils, smudging them, and Tombows for the checked pattern.

While I did this, I listened to a podcast and I was so caught up in the podcast and my drawing that before I knew it, the time came to make dinner!

The last is actually the first…

Today is my final 50 Friendly Faces post. I started this challenge the second day and got caught up doing the other days that I didn’t fo backwards to do Day 1 until last week.

50 Friendly Days Day 1 – “Famous face”

Quite frankly, this prompt held me up. What face should I choose? It was the choice that delayed the sketch so long but in the end, I chose an actor who was a Hollywood Legend.

I remember watching his movies on TV with my mom. He was a pretty big deal. My Uncle Joe always resembled him, and still does. Maybe a distant relative.

This legend had some issues in his personal life, which is sad. Hollywood wasn’t gold behind the scenes, especially then. It was dirty and tarnished but the movies they made were stuff of legends, including this fellow, who was a favorite of mine, for all his flaws. I liked him because he made me laugh with his dry wit.

I’ll let you guess. We’ll see how well I did….

Reference Photo used was from an issue of Motion Picture magazine.

This is sketch is in a personal sketchbook for personal use.

Friendly Faces -Day 50

This is the last official day of the 50 Friendly Faces Challenge. (I have two days that I missed that I will be posting the next two days)

The challenge was intended for illustrators to have some “people” in various expressions for their portfolio but for me it was much more. I wanted to experiment more with traditional gouache. I wanted to fill up another themed sketchbook. (I have a goal of six for the year and this is the third one I filled up.) And, I wanted reference sketches for expressions for my portfolio, as well. This was a 5×5 square sketchbook so I was also working in a restricted space and I had to adapt to that space.

This sketchbook and the sketches in it will be something that I can refer back to as fodder or a guide. None if these were touched up digitally and I guess the next step could be to tweak these with software.

In the meantime, the last prompt is wavy and I winged this character, just playing with color and seeing who this person could be and this was the most fun part of the 50 days. The ones I made up. She could be a faerie or elf.

Friendly Faces Day 38

Today’s Prompt is “braids”

My muse today is Roz Stendahl who is always the first person I think of when “braids” come to mind. I have been following Roz a really long time and Roz started a few (in the early days) on line challenges like “International Fake Journal Month.”

Roz is the reason why I wanted to learn how to make homemade sketchbooks, which is where I did this sketch.