I have always liked Chai but I avoided it because when you order it out, it has sugar and milk, is too sweet for me and I am trying to avoid milk. Nowadays, you can get oat, almond or coconut milk but most mixes still have too much sugar.

This prompt led me to research Chai and I found a nice blog post about it here.

They have a recipe that doesn’t list amounts but at least they have what’s in Chai and the health benefits of each. I will have to look up a recipe to make it at home but at least that way, I can control what’s in it.


My favorite apples are pink ladies. They have that perfect combination of sweet and tart and they are a crisp apple, not like the mushy Red Delicious. I love pink ladies and this sketch is a pink lady apple.

I was listening to something on TV and they were saying that many regions have their own apples, which I didn’t know. However, you don’t need to travel to find them, all you have to do is contact the orchard and most will gladly ship them to you.

I have over 100 filled sketchbooks and although I do have pink ladies in the fridge, I used my sketch of the pink lady apple to do this piece.

Autumn Salad

John and I have been trying to be very careful and eat healthier foods. We occasionally indulge in not so healthy foods, but ever since we discovered the Brown Derby Cobb Salad at Hollywood Studios, we realized how easy it was to make a salad a meal, and get a ton of veggies in our daily meals.

There are ingredients in the cobb salad that I’ll sub out for something healthier like the bacon or less pungent, like the blue cheese. There are so many substitutes that I have been having a lot of fun with meals these days. Turkey bacon works great and so does feta. I especially like making the salad look pretty before I toss it. I also carefully measure the dressing and I use lower fat dressings.

Cobb salad calls for red wine vinegar, which I love and I have a favorite brand, but for seasonal salads like autumn, vinegars like apple cider vinegar, give it a different twist.

This visual concoction is something I would actually prepare!


Autumn, with its soups, stews, chilis, baked dishes, roasts and other cool season foods, are flavored with fragrant spices and herbs whose aromas are the scents of the season. Spices are warm and cozy and add dimension to foods and beverages.

Wild mushrooms

I did a little research for this one. I am interested in mushrooms and even learning to forage. I know that looking for mushrooms is something that requires experience because mushrooms can be poisonous if you pick the wrong ones. I am fascinated that dogs are trained to find truffles, lol. I always thought that was a pig’s job.