Oyster Bay Bonanza

Here is the second sketch that I did yesterday in Oyster Bay. It’s a local hangout that was pretty busy.

Today, we drove down to visit mom at her place. We took her out to breakfast, we hung out and we put her postcards in a photo album.

My friend Amy made her cat cards and here’s a photo of mom with one of the cards. She loves to get these cards!

Coffee shop kitty

John and I popped into the new coffee shop today during our linch break. It’s a very nice place and they are doing it right, they are offering all sorts of beverages, quick bites, smoothies, etc to tantalize many taste buds. If I were to run a coffee shop, that’s what I would do, too! They have ice cream/gelato, too.

John got the cold brew and I got the latte and we both were happy with our selections. They also offer donuts, pastries, all sorts of cool stuff, crumb cake and they even had my favorite, coconut cupcakes! And a donut with bacon on it!

While we were sipping our beverages, I sketched this and added my “trademark” kitty, Cleo. Cleo celebrated her 3rd “birthday” aka we “found her” day on the 17th. We weren’t looking for a cat but she found us. We brought her home as a tiny street kitty. Now she’s Cleopatra.😂. Cleo is enjoying her life in Florida. Maybe my daughter will give her a bug to play with.

Tonight’s kitty

John and I went down to the bay this evening. This car was perfect for today’s kitty. We parked next to it and I whipped out the pen and postcard sized paper and sketched it. Then I added the kitty.

Ps, It is a 1930-something Ford. Fully restored. It was beautiful.

Urban sketching and kitties

I went out with my sketch club this evening and we sketched the Patchogue Carnegie Library. This library was built with grant money from Andrew Carnegie. The library has been moved, restored and is now the Teen Center and teen library.

I enjoy sketching outside so I got the idea to add a kitty to my sketch. I kinda like this idea. It’s like “where’s Waldo” with a cat. This kitty is going to the library to check out a book on native bird species. It’s good to know about your prey.

Sketchbook & Sketches

I recently made another sketchbook. I really love the cold press Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper so I buy it in bulk and make my own sketchbooks. I recently filled a Handbook sketchbook and didn’t have any other landscape format sketchbooks so instead of buying one, I made one.

The cover is a copy of two plein air paintings that I did in pastel.

I also made two pamphlet style sketchbooks using Strathmore 400 series drawing paper. I am saving those for International Fake Journal Month.

Lastly, a few sketches I did at breakfast this morning…..