My West Side Story project

I signed up for a bundled group of workshops back in November, before John was laid off, that were running this year. They are for building my on line portfolio.

April’s assignment was West Side Story. I actually found this assignment to be a lot of fun, however, a lot of work. It was done using multiple media and many, many phases and changes to reach the final result here.

I still could do a lot to it but it was due by 3PM today so it is what it is….


It’s August

My show was up for a month and a half but regretfully, it’s over. It was a lot of fun.

It was on exhibit at the Patchogue Theatre for the Arts. We get a lot of great shows at the Patchogue Theatre. For those of you that didn’t see it, it was whimsical and charming.

Now that it is no longer hanging, I will share some photos of the exhibit. This is the lobby when you first walked into the theatre.

The two end cats are portraits of my mom’s cats. They are 24x 30 and the two middle pieces are 30×40.

On the back wall of the theatre, there 9 other pieces. These were along the corridor to the interior seating of the theatre.

Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the one in at Roast. I’ll have to see if hubby took a photo of that one.

Laughing gulls

These guys nest on the East Coast. They are a summer staple along the New Jersey coastline. Growing up, we went down the Shore every summer and our summer days were filled with laughing gull calls.

Note: people from South Jersey and Philadelphia do not call it the “Jersey Shore.” 😱 We call it “down the Shore.” As soon as we hear the term “Jersey shore,” we have you pegged as not being from the Philly/South Jersey region.

Back to the laughing gulls….they come up early from the southern beaches and in late Spring you can hear them for miles along the Delaware Bay, it’s like one giant gull party. It’s one of the best sounds of the Spring. They nest in the salt marshes and their favorite natural food is horseshoe crab eggs. They’re favorite junk food is the stolen sandwiches from toddlers. It’s hilarious to see a small child running with food and a laughing gull dives and deftly snatches it from their hands. Priceless.

Here are two mixed media laughing gulls.


Painting au jour

Here is another recent painting for your viewing pleasure…..

It’s a collage/mixed media piece. 12×16

Here is a quick sketch I did this morning using the Sktchy app on iPhone.

The young man had a scrunched up face and it made me laugh. He was sketched in a drawing box that I have reserved in my morning pages.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In between making sketchbooks, making Valentine’s Day cards and a multitude of other projects, here is my map for Valentine’s Day, which is also up on They Draw and Travel’s website.

My favorite candy is Lore’s Chocolates in Philadelphia. But I love See’s and I like Kilwin’s ice cream (their candy isn’t bad either.) See’s candy has a special fondness in my heart because my grandmother used to buy us a box every year for Christmas. John and I found a See’s when we were in Seattle last year. We bought a pound and it never made it home. Castronovo is a new favorite, they make the chocolate right from the bean. OMG it is amazing.

However you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope yours is sweet!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here is the link to my map on their website.

Today’s sketch from Main Street

I don’t normally like to go out during midday in the summer to sketch or paint.  It’s too hot, and I burn to a nice shade of cooked lobster in the sun. Yep, I use sun screen but I have to keep reapplying it and if I forget….lobster.  Today was an exception because it was overcast and I sat on  the shady side of Main Street.

 I set up in front of Swell Taco.  Which is funny because the last sketch I posted was of Swell Taco….While I sketched, I listened to the people going in and out of Swell Taco.  One couple came out and the young woman remarked that she was so full she could puke…..Nice.  Thank you for sharing that.

Wow, someone was playing “Staying Alive” from Saturday Night Fever, full blast from their car….looking up, I saw an older man in a convertible.  Dude, seriously?! I graduated from 8th grade when that came out and I still don’t like Disco!  Don’t you have any Imagine Dragons or Muse? Coldplay?  Anything from Chris Cornell?  The 70’s are over! Sheesh.

Anyway, I got the sketch finished even after my ears were subjected to such torture. I added the touches of color with Tombows after I got home. The Strathmore toned paper really seems to like Tombows and it doesn’t bleed on the other side.

I like the collage idea of multiple sketches….It was fun, like a graphic novel.

Hmmm? Maybe I’ll write a horror story about a pyscho torturing people with disco music.